It Seems Like A Dreamy Dollhouse...But This One Is For Real People! Superb!

One of the best aspects of designing your own home is being able to infuse it with your own sense of style and personality, which is exactly what Nicki Davis did when she began her tiny project. One day while perusing the Tiny Green Cabins website, she came across a model called “Ravenlore” which immediately caught her eye. From that point on she knew this was the model for her, and she began working with Tiny Green Cabins owner Jim Wilkins to transform her dream to reality.

It’s 176 square feet, 22′ long by 8′ wide, and weighs about 13,500 lbs. Because Nicki Jo Davis’ new home was built over the wheels, she gets more interior space, albeit a heavier load. But Nicki can handle it, because she’s a firefighter!

Ravenlore was delivered to Nicki Joe in Savannah, GA. Nicki wanted to clear the clutter and downsize, and Ravenlore allowed her to do so for just under $60,000. But the home’s rainbow exterior isn’t the only surprising thing about it. Ravenlore’s interior may be small, but it boasts a built-in solar power system, clever storage space hidden in the floor, a desk space, and a light-flooded kitchen.

This is the perfect meetup if you're new to tiny houses. You'll get a chance to tour a tiny house right below!

It is simply amazing what people can design and give shape to! These colors definitely make your day! It is a great step to move in a house like that but also a great opportunity for a life-time experience! Personally I would take my house wherever that could reach and cross the world!

Credits: Tiny House Giant Journey

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