J Lo's Totally Still Performance So Stunning And Spectacular! WOW!

Some time ago it was set off the new season for American Idol in which is participating as a judge Jennifer Lopez, who indeed is very gentle and sweet with all the contestants and this is one reason why she has gained even greater public sympathy . The Latina Star is known for her impressive appearances on stage and so when a few days ago it became known that she will sing live to show everyone expected a very good performance. The end result though far exceeded public expectations.

Perhaps one of the most impressive performances of Jennifer Lopez in «American Idol». The singer interpreted the beautiful ballad «Feel The Light», from the upcoming animated film «Home», and charmed everyone with her stage presence.

Everyone who saw it, either live or on TV, felt just that, the light. Wearing a white dress, which prima facie was - consisted of fabric, 20 feet in diameter- very simple. After a while, when the lights went out, the outfit played the role of the cloth on which a projector showed an entire show. Astral landscapes plucked from a telescope, enchanting colors reminiscent of futuristic jumpsuit and Jennifer Lopez prettier than ever. She didn't even have to move...she only sang and it was just wonderful!

Lopez "lends" her voice to Lucy Tucci, Tip's mother, who comes "alive" by Rihanna's voice. Apart from Lopez's participation in the soundtrack in the movie we found songs of Kiesza, Charli XCX, Stargate, Ester Dean and of course Rihanna, who performs many of the songs of the movie too!

Honestly, there’s not one thing JLo can’t do. She’s amazing and she’s always one step ahead of everyone else in the game.

What a dress and What a voice!

Credits: American Idol

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