Seconds Before...Disaster And Endless Laughter! Epic!

Sometimes, all the stars in the universe align for our amusement.

By Internet standards, a perfectly timed photo occurs when two of the following three conditions are met:

1. A photographer that knows how to capture it
2. Good lighting
3. The knowledge that you can pull the stunt off

Apparently, some people just skip the last (and most important) step in that process. These are their last moments before (probably) being rushed to the hospital.

And sometimes the above conditions are met so perfectly that you get instant classics, like so many of the photographs below. Enjoy!

With all the cameras and smartphones out there, it’s no surprise that, once in a while, someone captures a truly bizarre once-in-a-lifetime photo. Whatever you want to call them – forced perspectives, optical illusions or pictures taken at just the right angle – they are brilliant and hilarious because they totally twist your perception of what is real.

Sources: ViralNova, TheChive

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