She Can't Be A Champion But She's Already Held A World Record! Meet The Smallest Horse In The World!

Thumbelina is officially the smallest horse in the world. It's tiny and cute. It weighs 27 pounds, has a height of 43 cm and yet is a horse!

She doesn't have the potential to be a champion in jumping, but she doesn't care because since 2006, wheb she was five years old she entered the Guinness Book of Records, as the smallest horse in the world!

Thumbelina was born on May 1, 2001, to two miniature horse parents.

She was born in an American farm and raised by people who specialize in breeding of small horses. Normally these horses when they grow weigh 250 lb and reach a height of 34 inches.

Thumbelina though by the time she was was clear that she would't even reach in these sizes. She was the size of a newborn baby and finally reached the weight of 60 lb.

Its size is explained as dwarfism. This makes it a typical tiny miniature. She prefers to hang out with spaniel breed dogs than with other horses, as though she gallop and living on a farm of 150 acres of family Goessling in Saint Louis.

Michael Goessling, whose parents Kay and Paul breed of miniature horses says: "When she was born she was so tiny, and we feared that she wouldn't manage to survive. Her legs are proportionally smaller than the body and head, and therefore she wore special orthopedic parts for a long time. But we love her so much that we wouldn't like her looking different. We want her as she is and we call her Mini - Mini'.

The Goessling family specializes in horse breeding "miniature", but never had such a tiny horse. She is a celebrity in town.

She eats a handful of hay twice a day. The normal sized horses live around 35 years, but Thumbelina was not expected to live more than 17.

It can procreate, but the family did not leave because it considers dangerous to health. Fear of possible complications and do not want to take risks. They also believe that it is incorrect dwarfism gene to pass on to future generations.

Thumbelina also succeeds in giving joy to children with health problems. She and her owners visit hospitals and various institutions and used as an attraction by charities for fundraising.

The healing properties of riding were known to the Greeks in the 5th century BC. Therapeutic riding today is a method that can help those with mobility problems and offer them a better quality of life.

What is the therapeutic riding
It is a therapeutic method based on the logic that when moving the horse follows pace very similar to the human. It carries the trunk so as the rider would transport his feet if he was walking alone. The movements performed by the horse have rhythm and balance to help the rider to find his. Considered also as passive gymnastics.

Target Audience
Therapeutic riding is ideal for people with mobility problems, behavioral problems, neurological and other diseases, as for people with autism, blindness, deafness, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Thumbelina is adorable. And it certainly is great that she has all the love and attention she needs. She is one special little horse.

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