She Has The Potential To Be The Next Einstein...Her IQ? 162! Wow!

Everyone knew 12-year-old British schoolgirl Olivia Manning was smart. She was quick to absorb new information. She memorized all her lines for a performance of Macbeth in just 24 hours.

She has been accepted into Mensa after discovering she is brainier than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Olivia Manning, from Liverpool, managed to get a whopping score in an IQ test of 162 - well above the 100 average.

Her score is not only two points better than genius German physicist Einstein and Professor Stephen Hawking, but puts her in the top one per cent of intelligent people in the world.

It was just this year that, after 100 years of placing second, women as a whole have scored higher than men on intelligence testing. The reason for this is unclear. Hypotheses include women finally having comparable opportunities in education to men’s or the demand for women to juggle both family and career. (Obviously the last probably doesn’t concern Manning quite yet.)

I really hope Olivia to be able to fulfill all her dreams and offer to mankind something memorable!

Credits: geobeats

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