Swimmers from crib! A Shocking Video!

You've certainly seen videos with babies - even newborns - swimming with tremendous skill and grace in the water. The video below is anything but cute. It shows a baby surviving all alone, floating in the water of a swimming pool, where he has fallen... accidentally. Baby is dressed in his clothes, still patiently floating on the water surface in a supine position, crying loudly, until someone can hear and come to the rescue.

Of course, this did not happen by chance. Is product training from experts, learning in babies and toddlers up to 6 years, to save themselves themselves, if found to ... liquid risk. This is the British company Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), which specializes in survival courses in babies, not imitating anything traditional swimming lessons.

Instructors teach the baby to learn to depend only on himself and his own readiness. He learns to roll with his back and floating in water at rest stop, parallel to breathe and remain in this position until help comes.

Safeguard of your children from the dangers that can create pools and the sea should be your top priority.

Accidents related to water in children may be minimized by taking the measures of preventive and protective about their lives.

Remember that you should never leave children alone anywhere in the water as children's drowning is usually silent. Almost always these tragedies happen when children are in the water without the supervision of their parents.

Credits: InfantSwimming

SHARE with your friends and family so they know about this. 11 babies drown every single day in the USA, and this can be (easily) avoided!
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