The Big Experiment Of Marijuana...Surprising Results!

When the largest US newspaper, the «New York Times», and the prominent investor George Soros openly argue for the legalization of cannabis, you realize that it begins a new era, which comes to shake the society and the economy as we knew. Which roads can be opened if other than therapeutic acceptance and use of marijuana for purely "recreational purposes"? And suddenly, from evil demon, cannabis is presented as the Messiah. It is to heal not only people from the heavy disease, but also the Member of the economic crisis. What is the truth?

Through a very ardent article entitled "Discard, again, prohibition ', recently signed by the editorial team of« New York Times », openly sought the legalization of cannabis, stressing the need to change the federal law that prohibits as today use of the substance. It refers, in fact, typical example of Prohibition (1920-1933), which he "created more problems than they solved. He was 13 years during which people continued to drink, otherwise law-abiding citizens were criminals, were created and flourished criminal syndicates. "

Since late 2012, two States, Colorado and Washington - after the green light given to prejudice President Barack Obama - have passed legislation that allows the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. Meanwhile, six other States have legalized for medical purposes (therapeutic cannabis), bringing the total to 23.
Inspired by an article written by Christina Sarich on Natural Society | Anyone who thought the legalization of marijuana would be a dangerous move is up against some serious numbers. Weed sales are continuing to incline, and crime rates are continuing to decline. Not counting medicinal weed sales, Colorado sold over $34 million in their recreational weed market in the month of August JUST for the purpose of recreation. $3.4 million of that (10%) goes straight into government coffers and towards building schools. At this pace, according to PolicyMic, Colorado will make at LEAST$30 million this year in pot taxes alone.

This is bringing in some serious tax money that is being used to strengthen the community, provide free education, and is cleaning up the streets in the process. How can anyone argue with this?
What’s promising is that these numbers are expected to keep going up to, and sales are expected to continue to incline(coinciding just fine, take note Washington). Many say that a figure closer to $60 million in weed tax revenue is a more likely assumption. Why is this not legal in every state yet? Here is a graph showing the continual increase in sales:
The best part is that crime rates are also down in Colorado. Not just by a little bit, but by a whopping 15%. And the murder rate has dropped by 42%! We can expect that the government will spend more money improving infrastructure and other business opportunities for Colorado citizens with all of this new tax revenue, and unemployment rates are plummeting.

And let’s not forget the indirect economic benefits other companies may be experiencing from marijuana legalization. Bakeries, grocery stores, pizza shops, and restaurants will see a positive impact in the numbers they bring in. Marijuana is known to stimulate hunger, so the legalization of pot will be better for the economy in a variety of ways.

With over 100 legal dispensaries available in Colorado right now, we need to ask ourselves. Which activity will lead to more destruction, violence, unhappiness, crime, and chaos within a society. Going out and drinking alcohol at bars? Or smoking weed in cafes? With the statistics now making it undeniable that the legalization of marijuana was the right decision, and we need to be more open to the idea of legalizing marijuana. Not only for the sake of preserving basic human rights, but also for the good of society and the economy.

As mentioned extensive feature of «Economist» titled "The great experiment", "more and more Americans are in favor of legalization." Whilst emphasizing that such an exercise is harder than it looks, cites three major benefits if America finally dared: the government will no longer be forced to spend huge sums to capture and imprison users in otherwise clean record. Will increase state revenues from legitimate taxation of cannabis. We will combat crime. At present, however, the US Federal government puts obstacles. Marijuana remains illegal substance and even placed in the same category as heroin.

George Soros talks about the global war against illegal drugs, for each country has long lost. Featuring tactics against drugs "ineffective and a waste of money," argues the major survey of London School of Economics entitled "Putting an end to the drug war," signatory important economists and calling on governments to see things differently. At least one trillion US dollars have been spent in the war against drugs, which ultimately failed to stop the global illicit market that makes a profit $ 300 billion annually.

Cannabis is about to be legalized in the states of Alaska, California, Maine and Oregon.

Sources: The Spirit Science, David Pakman Show

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