The Perfect Day...When Everyone Speaks Your Language!!!

Imagine living in a world that, for the most part, doesn't communicate the same way as you.

That's a reality for many people who are deaf or hearing impaired. Samsung has taken a step forward to make lives easier for the deaf. The video call centre for people with hearing problems is titled as “Hearing Hands”. So to promote their new initiative Samsung Turkey came up with a spectacular act. The entire scenario was caught on camera and was made into an ad.

In the video, Muharrem leaves home with his sister, who was in on the surprise with the Samsung production team. They first run into a man who greets him using sign language. The deaf man is pleasantly surprised by the “coincidence.” Next, there’s a woman who accidentally bumps into him on the street. When he turns around, she apologizes in sign language. And things just get better from there…

A team of helpers were given sign language classes and secret cameras were installed everywhere to give Muharrem, a hearing-impaired man in Istanbul, the surprise of his life.

For one day, he experienced what it would be like to have no language barriers - and his reaction may make you a bit teary.

Watch his entire day unfold, but fair warning, you'll want to learn sign language when it's over.
Samsung’s, this ad is sure to touch people’s heart. It’s not certain that if Muharrem would ever use the service, but he definitely would never forget this day.

In the United States, only two to four people out of 1,000 are considered deaf, further expanding the gap between those who can hear and those who cannot.

It’s remarkable that such a simple idea turned out to be so emotional. This is just beautiful!


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