The Power Of Words!

A woman, a blind and the inspiration of the moment!

Every day we witness the inability of many people to survive. Destitute of all ages are seeking a way for our help. Sometimes they might touch within us a chord, sometimes we turn our heads and we continue our way. Unfortunately, most of the times - preoccupied by our own problems - we overpass indifferent!

I am blind. Please help me, writes the sign beside this man, while passers overtake him hasty and most of them indifferent. Some of them throw a few coins, sparse and where. Among them a charming woman who just passes the jib, returns, grabs the label and writes a new message on the opposite side of the sing. Everything change! Coins falling like rain and the blind beggar left in wondering.

"What did you do to my sign?" Asks the woman when she returns later in front of him. "I wrote the same, but in other words," she replied and turned up at the sign!

I am not going to reveal what was written it until the end! It worth it!
This is a remake of the successful work of Alonso Alvarez, «Istoria de un Letrero» which had not won randomly Short Film Best Film award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008.

Produced by Purple Feather Online Content Specialists, this amazing short film illustrates how the power of words can change your message, and thus your effect on the world.

Remember that we were born to care and share! Open your heart and let the image to move you. It will change forever the way you see the needy people and your beliefs about the power of words!

Credits: Daily Motivation

Share this meaningful message with others and help the change too!
Κυριακή, Μαρτίου 29, 2015 |
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