This Woman Has Turned An Old Bank Into A Luxurious Home! Spectacular!

Building the house of your dreams is something that most people have on their wish list! Some of them achieve their goal while others have to be content to a similar or close to! This woman though made a dreamy house where her old job was located and it is absolutely luxurious and one of a kind!

Let's take things from the beginning...

In Spring City, Pennsylvania, a small town outside of Philadelphia, when jeweller Cathy Calhoun returned to the site of her old job, she found a gem: a building ripe for renovation. She's now taken the quirky former bank, where she worked as a teller in the 1970s, and turned it into a home that blends both history and modern luxury.

The building’s rich history is what inspired her to try and preserve as much of the bank as was possible during renovations, and the stunning results are a blend of this history along with touches of modern luxury. One of the vaults has been turned into a shiny new bar that also displays some of the original artifacts she found. The older vault, located downstairs, is air tight and has no ventilation, making it perfect for a sauna. That basement vault was where hostages were kept during a 1921 robbery. One of the hostages suffered an asthma attack and died, leading to claims that his ghost haunts the building. A third vault, which belonged to the head teller and is near the front door, now functions as an entertainment center.

The rest of the house retains elements of the old bank as well. They have been intermixed with the owner’s modern style taste and the outcome is an overall feeling of glamor and luxury. Sleek white couches and animal print rugs intermix beautifully with the original chandeliers and dramatic curved staircase. Bold art and accessories on display fit perfectly within the large, open, airy spaces and draw the eye up towards the high ceilings. Calhoun’s favorite room is her 2 story bathroom which features a large tub with a flat-screen TV, a fireplace, and rain-style shower. The house looks very comfortable with all the personal touches she has added, yet manages to retain it’s historic charm.

See it for yourself and check out the video!
Cathy Calhoun bought the bank for 52,000 dollars and took 24 years to transform this bank, built in 1872 into a spectacular home.

I love the transformation of old commercial spaces into new residential homes! The owner obviously put a lot of imagination and work into their space. I can't imagine renovating for 24 years! I wonder how much those renovations cost...but the home was a steal at $52,000.

Credits: CNNMoney

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