A Cold Night A Cop Knocked Their Car Window...And Saved Them!

This heart melting story is a break among all the recent headlines which have shed negative light on the police force!

When Eugene officer, David Natt, stepped up to a car parked in a closed lot, he had every intention of removing it from the premises. However, when he saw what was in the car, he changed his mind and decided to show compassion!

Robert Wood returned from Alaska with his two young sons, his wife, and their baby-to-be. They hadn’t found housing yet, so they planned on sleeping in their car at a nearby park to save money. It was a cold night.

That’s where a Eugene Police officer found the family.

Though it took a little time, Officer Natt convinced the father, Robert Wood, to accept assistance. Maybe because both men had served in the same Marine Corps unit, albeit ten years apart, helped.

Paying for the family to spend a couple nights at a local motel, the police officer assured them that the local police regularly work with the local University Fellowship Church to help people in situations exactly like theirs.

The Wood family was able to find a place to stay soon afterwards. Truly grateful Robert Wood shared the story on Facebook!

The Eugene, Oregon police department‘s motto is “Protect. Serve. Care.” With his choice that night, Officer Natt displayed his dedication to doing exactly that.

The Good Samaritan wore a badge! Thankfully there are still heroes at the police force! I hope his amazing act will be an example to many more!

One act of kindness can change someone’s life and give hope in otherwise hopeless situations.

Credits: Ty Steele

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