A Single Fork Can Prevent Burglars? It Works!

By saying to use a fork that doesn't mean as a weapon of course! But as an extra lock for your house! This trick was used successfully many many years ago and still works!

There are plenty of places where you could use extra security, like motel rooms or public restrooms. Now, you can make your own homemade door lock out of an everyday fork from your kitchen!

A computerized locking mechanism controlled via your smartphone may seem more secure than a traditional deadbolt; however, it really might not be. As easy as it is for you to lock your doors with a smart phone, it can be just as easy for a criminal to unlock it with his own smart phone.

That's where this handy hack comes into play. In a pinch and need to lock your door? Well, using an old fork, you can latch your door shut with ease and give yourself a medieval form of security.

Watch the demonstration on the video below!
All you will need is a fork, and those burglars will face a security system that can’t be broken. They will never see this one coming. Hopefully no one will need this but you never know! Some extra security is always needed! I will definitely try it!

Credits: Phil Crockett

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