A Stunning Illusion...What Do You Think You Are Looking At?

This chameleon is actually two naked women. The new mirage of Italian artist Johannes Stötter surpasses again the limits of reality…

Body painting is the magnificent art of disguising the familiar human shapes with lines and color. Italy born-and-based artist Johannes Stötter is very good at it, as this magnificent chameleon shows. It‘s as colorful as the real thing, and it even crawls on a branch… Yet it is actually two women! Masterfully painted and put together, they make for one realistic illusion. The moments before they start unfolding are especially unsettling. It looks like chameleon, but something unnatural is happening to its skin… or under it. And then arms appear!

References to talented body paint artist Johannes Stötter from Italy are thousands and probably rightly so. The young artist has managed to become viral too many times because of its unique ability to hide the naked body in clusters that create illusions. His latest project is the most impressive. This chameleon that for days is doing the rounds of the Internet, once again not what it seems.

The puzzle is solved as the two women who form unfold and reveal how the artist managed to create it after six hours of detailed painting and filmmaking.

If your technique looks familiar, you probably in the past you will have seen a few more animals or drawings with his signature ... He is terrific! I am so sure that it was a chameleon! He is definitely talented!

Credits: Johannes Stötter

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Δευτέρα, Απριλίου 13, 2015 |
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