A Total Stranger Becomes His Guardian Angel! A Shocking Story Caught On Camera!

Having a child means that you have to be alerted 24 seven! And every parent's worst nightmare is to to be in a situation where your child is suffering and you feel utterly helpless.

In this touching video you are about to see a mother rushing into a deli with her baby...the child is choking and strangers are coming together to save his life!

While parents are in shock and helpless some heroes remain calm and start to take turns preforming the Heimlich maneuver and CPR on the boy.

Eventually, these hometown heroes save the child’s life! Race, Age, Gender, Social Status, Religion means nothing when someone is in danger! And this powerful video proves it! One for all and all for one! A moτto that we all should follow!

Families should be armed with preparedness by learning adult and infant first aid/CPR. God forbid you need those skills, but knowing them could save a life.

I'm so glad this baby is okay and God bless those who were there to bring him back. God always sends us where we are supposed to be!

Credits: KateSlate11

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