All These People After The Signal...They Do The Most Unusual Thing!

Can you guess what these people are about to do?!?

Just beneath the village of Bamba, in the Northern part of Dogon country in Mali, lies a small, yet sacred lake, where fishing is permitted only once a year – during the unique ritual called Antogo.

The event is held on the 6th month of the dry season, generally in May, but the exact date is fixed each year by the council of wise men.

Saturdays are market days in Bamba, and for the first three market days of the month wooden sticks are placed in the middle of the lake, acting as a signal, a warning that the ritual is getting closer. On the day that is finally designated as the day of Antogo, hundreds gather from all parts of Mali around Bamba’s lake. The 3 biggest groups are formed by the most respected and ancient families of various Dogon villages.

The group from Bamba itself is usually the largest. These groups of people maintain a collective mystical silence, except for the wise that recite incantations and praise deities. When they are done speaking, the ritual itself – and all the magic associated with it – begins.

Each fish they get, they can keep it for themselves and the lake is emptied in minutes...

There are some rituals that seem really peculiar for the western world. This particular one, thankfully, is between those that just make you stunned of what other people on this planet may do to celebrate their traditions from the past.

This video should teach us a lot! We live richer than many other people on this planet. Enjoy your life and feel free that you can choose where and when you can go fishing! LOL

Credits: BBC

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