Beautiful Or Average: Make The Right Choice!

Beauty is definitely subjective...But what is beautiful after all!

If you were faced with two doors to a shopping center, one labeled “Beautiful” and the other “Average,” which would you walk through?

Feeling beautiful is a personal choice women should feel empowered to make for themselves, every day.

According to a study conducted by Dove, 96% of women said they wouldn’t choose the word “beautiful” to describe themselves — although about 80% said there is something beautiful about them.

A number of women were asked to pick between the two for Dove #ChooseBeautiful campaign, and the result reveals a powerful message on how women see themselves.

The company put up signs that said "beautiful" and "average" above the doorways of shopping centers in five cities—San Francisco, Shanghai,

Delhi, London and Sao Paulo—and watched as cameras caught shoppers contemplating which door to enter.

Most women chose "average."

Dove is no stranger to powerful, inspiring ads. Choose Beautiful is no exception!

Self-confidence is definitely beautiful and this is what we all must have to inspire others to see us this way! Every day that you look at your mirror try to see your beauty and then you will spread that to the world! We are all beautiful if we have beauty in our hearts! Believe in your-self and always make the right choice because sometimes there is no second chance and life isn't an inspirational ad! Besides average is for measuring meanings like height or weight…beauty can’t be measured so there is no average!

Credits: doveunitedstates

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