Call It Chineasy, An Inspirational Method To Read Chineese! Simply Amazing!

They have a great economy, they are numerous millions and they have a great civilization...but their language may be the most difficult to read! 22.000 characters consist their vocabulary and the most incredible is that they can learn it and write! Chinese language is a very rich language but extremely difficult indeed! Here is a woman who although managed to learn has realized how complicated it based on a well-known educational method she promises that everybody will be able to read Chinese!

Those of you who have children you'll know what I mean...leaning something is much easier when it is amusing...and her method is! Singing or drawing make learning easy!

ShaoLan Hsueh has developed a system for teaching Chinese using pictures that makes learning Chinese “chineasy” (which is actually the name of the program.) At 300k her Kickstarter raised more than twice its goal and Chineasy is now available wherever funky Kickstarter-funded language apps are sold.

ShaoLan walks through a simple lesson in recognizing the ideas behind the characters and their meaning — building from a few simple forms to more complex concepts.

It is really great! While learning a so difficult language in the easiest way, you also dive into a great civilization’s history and all these make me feel like trying it! You live and learn!

Sources: Awareness, DLDconference

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