Check Your Eyes With An Optical Illusion! Time For Glasses?

Looking at this picture it’s the shortest proof that you need to go to an optician immediately! Having to visit an optician for ages this test show me that thankfully I still don't need him! How about you?

Now you can test your eyesight and check whether you have healthy eyes or not by looking at the optical illusion of a hybrid image which has been created by mixing the images of faces of Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe!

Here is the image that determines your vision. Whose face do you see?
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and its researchers have created this hybrid image and it is called as 'Marilyn Einstein'. It is a vision test that has the detailed image of Einstein, superimposed on a blurry photo of Monroe. It combines a low spatial frequency image with a high special frequency image, which will tell you about your eyesight in a matter of seconds.

Most people will pick out a phantom-like picture of Albert Einstein. But if you see a Hollywood pin-up, you may need a trip to the opticians.

At normal viewing distance, healthy eyes should be able to pick up the fine lines on Einstein's face, causing the brain to disregard Marilyn Monroe's image altogether.

So whose face do you see? Play with your friends to compare results. I bet you’ll be surprised by their responses!

Let us know your results in the comments below.

Sources: Little Things, AsapSCIENCE

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