Courage And Madness Have No Limits! OMG!

The incredible courage and determination seemed on the face of Dana Vulin, when removed the mask which she was forced to wear the last two years, while revealing the miraculous transformation.

The 28 year old, was a victim of its own beauty as a pathologically jealous woman doused her with alcohol and set fire to her house. A premeditated attack which occurred on February 16, 2012. A chilling story that shows as that both courage and madness have no limits!

Dana Vulin was a 25-year-old woman with everything to live for. But in February 2012, Dana’s world changed forever.
Dana started receiving abusive phone calls from a woman named Natalia Dimitrovska. Natalia had recently separated from her husband and suspected Dana of sleeping with him – a claim Dana denies.
Dana says she did met Natalia Dimitrovska’s husband Edin at a New Year’s Eve party in 2011. But she says they only spoke for about half an hour and that “he didn’t hit on me, he wasn’t sleazy”. But that didn’t stop Edin’s wife Natalia from wanting to get revenge.
On the 16th of February, after harassing her for almost a month, Natalia – the drug-affected mother-of-one – and a male friend forced their way into Dana’s apartment. Natalia approached Dana and demanded to know where her husband was. But Dana couldn’t answer.
After she asked Natalia leave her house, Natalia responded by grabbing a bottle of methylated spirits and threatening to set Dana on fire.
And it was then that Dana was transformed into “human fireball”. “She twisted the lid off and doused me in methylated spirits,” Dana says. “I was engulfed in flames.” “The the moment I was on fire, they laughed … They watched me burn, laughed and ran out of my apartment.”

“The pain was unbelievable.”

She tried throwing water over herself but she continued to burn. “Every drop felt like it was acid burning into my skin… Everything was hurting so much.”

After Natalia Dimitrovska and her accomplice had fled, Dana continued to burn and was rushed to hospital after a neighbour heard her screams.
Dana had suffered burns to 64 per cent of her body and was immediately placed in an induced coma.

But recently she suffered another blow - a routine pap smear by her doctor revealed abnormal cells in her cervix.
"As soon as I looked into his eyes I said to him, 'it's bad isn't it?' And he said, 'Yeah I'm sorry, you have cancer'," Ms Vulin said.

"I just couldn't believe that, dealing with so much at once, there were times where I thought how much can one person deal with?"

"It would've been easier to die but I've never taken the easy road to anything so. It is the hardest, rockiest, biggest mountain you can possibly think of," she said.
Incredibly, within a month Ms Vulin was operated on to have the abnormal cells cut out and declared cancer-free. Dana is one of those incredible people who did not let depression and fear set in. She continued on with her head held high but still finds joy in life.

After numerous reconstructive surgeries, Dana was finally able to take off her literal mask and reveal her new face. Dana isn’t concerned about looking different. As she told Australia’s Channel Seven’s Sunday Night, “I hope they see the scars. This is part of me now.”

With the help of designer Betty Tran and models from Vivien's modeling agency in Sydney, Dana celebrated removing her pressure garments with a glamorous makeover and catwalk show.
Her attacker Natalia Dimitrovska was sentenced to 17 years' jail and will be eligible for parole in 2027.

Ms Vulin said she had been "known for her looks" before the attack.

Her transformation is absolutely incredible, but it’s her inner beauty and determination that we most respect.

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