Daredevil Time-lapse Footage That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Mankind has achieved a lot without doubt! However there are plenty of natural phenomena that still make humans so small and helpless! Nature is absolutely incredible and has offered us its beauties...besides those when it comes to its outbreak through the natural phenomena then it gains our respect!

In the footage below a man has been chasing storms all year across America. He pieced all the footage into a stunning time lapse video with is bone-chillingly beautiful. Nature is so incredible.

It takes a special type of person to become a storm chaser. Storm chasing is defined as going on pursuit of any dangerous and severe weather condition. It doesn’t matter what your motives are, whether it be adventure, scientific, news coverage, or just plain curiosity.
The number one most sought after storm is a tornado. While other storms such as hurricanes, tropical cyclones and waterspouts are followed less often.

I really loved the music and the scenery! Most amazing when the sun comes out after the total darkness...a magical reanimation for your soul! It is absolutely fascinating to be able to watch it in a safe place!

Credits: digicana

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