He Is The Coolest Dad Ever!

How about a fantastic duet?

Our memories of family car trips usually involve vomit bags, frequent bathroom breaks at less-than-desirable truck stops, and at least one or more kids crying in the backseat for dad to PLEASE play anything other than Beatles or if you were luckier Rolling Stones!
Usually, when a father sings in public around his teenage daughter she's embarrassed. This teen, though, embraces her father's ridiculousness and sings along with him! It's refreshing to see a father and daughter bond in such a playful way.
Nowadays car trips are apparently a lot more fun …

While blasting Pitbull and Ke$ha’s “Timber” on the radio, Chris looks serious and stoic as he takes his daughter on a road trip. She’s clearly into the song, but just wait until the rap part comes in… Dad completely takes over, and I was not expecting it at all! What a fun way to show how much he cares about and respects his kid.

One thing’s for sure — this family certainly knows how to have a good time. And the best part is, they’re not afraid to let loose, act a little silly for the camera, and share their goofiness with the world.

Oh man, if only all kids could have this much fun with their parents…To tell you the truth his is not only the coolest dad but a handsome man too! Great performance guys!

Credits: Chris O'Mals

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Δευτέρα, Απριλίου 13, 2015 |
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