Incredible Story: A Cat Escapes Death And Helps Other Animals!

A black cat became the "guardian - angel 'sick pet shortly after he escaped death.

A small black cat from the region Bydgoszcz Poland debunks all the myths about black cats. Radamenes proves in the clearest way that it doesn't bring bad luck, but only love...

When the cat arrived at the veterinary center, was dying, and suffered from respiratory infection. Then, the doctors did not abandon him and brought him back to life.

He seems to appreciate the second chance given to him and has now become the exclusive nurse at the center.

The shelter staff noticed he was particularly fond of animals who had just undergone major surgeries or procedures.
He sleeps with the other ... patients, massage or even helps them in their cleaning.
He pays particular attention to animals that have undergone serious damage.
The shelter’s staff refers to Radamenes as their new “mascot.”
The cat "broke" the prejudice that wants the black cats bring bad luck and many people visited him to bring them luck!
This cat dissolves any notoriety of its kind. Neither jinx brings -on the contrary nor cold it is! He is a different cat and absolutely different from the usual cats' photos and videos that go viral! Only being on their shoes he can "feel" what these poor animals are going through...He is a hero!

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Δευτέρα, Απριλίου 20, 2015 |
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