Metallica's Great Hit Performed By Three Little Girls...Words Are Not Enough!

Performing heavy metal music isn’t just for boys. And here is the proof! Watching these young ladies reaching for their instruments the least I was expecting was a cute song performed by teens...and they blow my mind away!

The Metallica song they cover is instantly recognizable to any fan of heavy metal music — “Enter Sandman.” It’s not a song you would expect three teen girls to cover, with its dark lyrics and heavy sound, but the girls handle the Metallica song admirably, and their cover is surprisingly mature.

Listen to the video below, and be prepared to be impressed.
These girls hail from Monterrey Mexico and they LOVE to rock out! On the lead guitar is Daniela, Paulina on the drums, and Alejandra is on the bass. Together they are a force of rocking roll goodness. In a genre dominated by males, these girls show that they can rock out just as well.

Each sister has found inspiration in different rock legends. Drummer Paulina is a fan of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Rush’s Neil Peart, while Daniela, guitar and lead vocals, looks up to Queen guitarist and noted astrophysicist Brian May. As for 10-year-old bassist Alejandra: “I love Paul McCartney. I’ll actually, like, play with him or be as good as him someday.”

They are something else! I hope they can fulfill their dreams and stay together forever! I really think they are gifted and deserve a chance!

Credits: The Warning

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