Offering Or Investing Cash? He Choose Investing And Saved Her From The Streets!

Home sweet home...This expression brings to memory of a nice, cozy, safe place where all of us feel relaxed and comfortable! However this "ability" isn't taken for granted for numerous people around the world!

New York is known for its multi millionaire and its luxurious skyscrapers with outrageous rents. However, the largest US city also broke a new record, this of the 60,000 homeless.

The phenomenon of homelessness already counts many decades and thousands of our fellow citizens who live on the streets or in substandard housing, experiencing the most extreme form of poverty and social exclusion.

Many more are those who are at risk of homelessness as a result of the economic crisis and unemployment that affects almost all ages and all professional categories. Due to economic recession, homelessness tends to get explosive dimensions highlighting now, more than ever, the deficit of social, housing and welfare policies in our country and in the world generally.

Sixty-year-old Irene McGhee, better known as ‘Smokie,’ has been homeless for the past decade after losing her husband, and then her home.

She frequented the Los Angeles neighborhood where 37-year-old Elvis Summers lives, asking for recyclables. Over time, the two struck up an unlikely friendship and it didn’t take long before Summers wanted to help Smokie in some way.

Find out what this young man decided to do for his new friend in this time-lapse video below!
One morning, Elvis read about a man who jumped on board with the Tiny House Movement and was helping make homes out of discarded material for the homeless. That’s when he was inspired to give Smokie a place of her own. As you can see in the time-lapse video he made, the $500 it cost to make the tiny home was way more valuable than cash.

It took him five days to build the three-and-a-half-by-eight-foot house, complete with a window and sturdy wheels to move it to different locations.

Best of all? The cops in Elvis and Smokie’s neighborhood support the tiny home, just as long as they move it every 72 hours.
Since building Smokie’s house, several other homeless people have asked Summers to build one for them. Seeing a real need, he’s launched a crowd-funding campaign called “My Tiny House Project L.A.” onGoFundMe. He wants to hire other homeless people to build their own houses with his help.

He hopes to raise $50,000 and is working to find city property where the houses can be placed.

This house didn't cost much and of course doesn't offer the facilities of an ordinary home, however for this woman it's a treasure! Elvis’ act gave this lady the chance of a better life and created an amazing friendship! His investment may not be profitable but it is humane and he has earned a place in her prayers! God bless them both!

Credits: Starting Human

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