Pure Love Can Find Its Recipient?

For Mother's Day and to celebrate the special bond between child and mum it was created a touching video of the jewelry company «Pandora» in Britain.

In this video six mothers lined up in a row. Blindfolded, their children are invited to identify them through touch and smell. Will they succeed...?

The approaching and by using only their arms to touch and smell, try to recognize their own mother.

It is not just a social experiment, but advertising. Specifically, this is the spot jewelry company Pandora, titled "The unique connection". In it, children 3-9 years, find their mom among other women, blindfolded, using touch, and their instincts. The result, touching and very tender.

A very touching video, which shows the power of love of children aged 3-9 years, with bit of anxiety and kinda shy to give their best shot to succeed!

I must admit that this video touched me deeply and made my eyes a bit wet...every woman is special and the bond between her and her child is so unique...So amazing!

Credits: TheOfficialPandora

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Πέμπτη, Απριλίου 23, 2015 |
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