She Is At Work When A Group Of Men Start Singing To Her...The Best Proposal Ever!

I've seen many proposals and I think most of you have, but like this one I bet you've never seen!

People are fallen in love passionately and it's mostly up to the guys to come up with amazingly original and romantic ways to propose to their wife to be!

The unique and so touching proposal of Salvatore to his clueless girlfriend Caterina is called "Special Proposal" not only for its romantic mood but because both the protagonists have Down syndrome!

Here's the story...

He completely takes Caterina by surprise when he shows up at her work, with an a cappella group singing the song ‘Come Away With Me.’ When she turns around the look on her face melted my heart. Salvatore gets on one knee with a key to their new house and asks, “Would you come live with me, my love?”

Watch the video and I bet you'll need some tissues!
This amazing moment, emphasizes the importance of giving the people with Down syndrome the right to live on their own. Many people with Down syndrome never get this opportunity, so hopefully this video will raise awareness and allow others who suffer from this syndrome to also live their dream of living independently.

What better way to get your week going than seeing an amazing moment -- and this is one amazing moment! Have a nice day!

Credits: CoorDown

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