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It took me by surprise when I found out that…

Finland one of the most welfare European countries stands beside every family and supports the youngest member of each family.

Every year, gives the option to new moms to choose between a cardboard box and a sum of money. The vast majority chooses the box.

Why? For all that it contains.

An expectant mother, who lives in Finland, just before birth, will receive from the state a strange gift: A box which among others contains a change of clothes for babies, bed sheet, and blanket. Mommies after pulling out the clothes, don't throw the box...On the contrary, this box is going to be baby's first bed!
The concept of the Finnish state became Act in 1930, it is simple, symbolic and practical. The box represents the equal opportunities for all infants, at the beginning of their lives. And when the Finns say for "all", they mean it. For all, regardless of economic base and the background of parents.
They call it "maternity package" and the state gives it to all the mothers. Inside the package, you will also find, baby leotards, sleeping bag, a small mattress and diapers...But not the disposable diapers, but cloth diapers. Furthermore there isn't any baby bottle so as to help mothers to breastfeed longer.

So, the baby's first sleep is inside the cardboard walls of the box. However the state allows mothers to choose. Those who do not want the box will receive a financial assistance of 140 Euros. But believe it or not, 95% of Finnish mothers prefer the "humble" cardboard box.
It was in 1930, when Finland was plagued by poverty and destitution. Many newborns have died from cold in the icy north (about 70 newborns in 1000). Then the state decided to reduce child mortality and one of the measures taken, was the "maternity box." Today 85 years later, mothers continue to prefer the box, not only for practical reasons but also for sentimental. So in those boxes where their mothers used to sleep, slept the mothers and so they will sleep their grandchildren. It's been in their consciousness.

The box of maternity was designed from the outset to encourage parents to look after their children properly. "Babies are used to sleep in the same bed with their parents and the recommendation was to stop doing this," says Panu Pulma, Finnish and Nordic History professor at the University of Helsinki and continues: "The use of the box and bed meant that parents and babies start to sleep separately”.

Every single expectant mother in Finland receives a box including these items:

• Mattress, mattress cover, undersheet, duvet cover, blanket, sleeping bag/quilt

• Box itself doubles as a crib

• Snowsuit, hat, insulated mittens, and booties

• Light, hooded suit and knitted overalls

• Socks and mittens, knitted hat and balaclava

• Bodysuits, romper suits, and leggings in unisex colors and patterns

• Hooded bath towel, nail scissors, hairbrush, toothbrush, bath thermometer, nappy cream, washcloth

• Cloth nappy set and muslin squares

• Picture book and teething toy

• Bra pads, condoms

Today Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. The Save The Children Foundation named it the "Best Place To Be A Mother On Earth!"

Watch the video to see how the baby boxes continue to save infants lives in Finland.
We pay taxes for so many "unnecessary" things that this would be a wonderful beginning for all babies and their families!

All of the basic needs including prenatal care which is extremely valuable for these babies would help everyone no matter what income level! I hope that this will be reached the ears and eyes of those in charge!

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Share this wonderful idea with others and who knows one day we will be able to give this box out to the whole world!
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