They Can Steal The Content Of Your Luggage Without Leaving A Trace! Shocking!

If you thought that locking your suitcase would prevent thieves from raiding your luggage, you're wrong.

It’s an awful feeling when you open your suitcase after a long flight and notice that something’s missing. But it doesn’t have to happen to you.

This shocking video shows just how easy it is for baggage handlers to break into a locked suitcase and leave it looking like it's never been touched.

Find out how a pen can be turned into a suitcase cracking tool. In the demonstration they use a ballpoint pen to exert pressure on the zipper of a suitcase. The pressure causes the teeth to separate, effectively opening the suitcase.

So what are we supposed to do to protect ourselves?

First, watch this video which will give you a few tips and tricks that will ensure the TSA workers and baggage handlers cannot get into your luggage and steal your valuables.

Back in 2012 a TSA worker confessed to stealing over $800,000 dollars from travelers suitcases. The scarier part about all this is that he admitted that many other TSA workers were also stealing stuff and it has become pretty much the norm.

Passengers have long complained that suitcase locks are failing to protect luggage, with video showing how pens can be used to break them.

But this latest technique shows how passengers can leave the airport completely unaware that their suitcase has been tampered with.

Once you have left the airport premises, it can be very hard to claim that your belongings have been stolen.

Here is an advice that we should all follow on the TSA's website:

"ALWAYS watch your belongings as they advance through the x-ray equipment at the security checkpoints - for secondary screening, INSIST that your belongings be brought to you."

Hope you have safe trips and remember not to carry in your luggage valuable can live without them for as long as your journey lasts!

The necessary and valuable stuff could always be carried in your hand luggage!

When this message spreads the thieves won’t be able to use it as all of us would be prepared…so please

Credits: bosnianbill

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