They May Seem Like Ghosts...But This Will Keep Them Away From Turning Into Real Ones!

Volvo car industry, created an incredible innovation to keep cyclists safe at night.

Called LifePAint and can be used by everyone, saving thousands of lives ...

The LifePAint, is a special security spray that during the day is invisible but at night reflected in car headlights visible by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

This spray does not change the color of laundry or surfaces and is removed by washing. Usually, a layer lasts for a week.
Although it was created for cyclists and their vehicles it can also be used in children's bags, wheelchairs, clothing, fences and dogs' leashes.

The invention of this spray is really useful and revolutionary. Watch the video below to learn more.
Volvo turns its attention to the security of the two wheels. The Swedish automaker teamed up with the British company Grey London and Albedo100 to create this reflective spray paint only visible at night.

The LifePaint technically is not paint but a material which can be removed by washing 10 days after application and is completely invisible!

"Every year more than 19,000 cyclists injured on UK roads. Nick Connor, CEO of Volvo Car UK said "At Volvo, we believe that the most effective way to survive a collision is not to collide".

It should be used by everyone and has the potential to save 1,000’s of lives.

Finally all the invisible bikers and pedestrians at night will be seen by oncoming traffic!

Credits: Volvo LifePaint

Share this revolutionary idea with others to save many lives!
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