This Ballerina Is Dancing Incredibly ... But The Horse Is Which Steals The Show!

In 2012, OPI, a company that manufactures nail varnishes, presented a short film "Instinct of Color", as part of its advertising campaign.

The cast of the commercial spot is a horse trained by French named Mario Luraschi and 4 very talented dancers!

While most of the movements of Lady Black (the name of the horse) are authentic, as the result of her training, some of them had to be created with the help of Photoshop and 3D animations.

The featured lacquer colors Pink-ing of You, Red My Fortune Cookie, Need Sunglasses?, and No Room for the Blues each represent one dance style and one overarching theme, illustrating OPI nail lacquer as a means of self-expression.

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director, said, “Today, nail color can convey feelings and emotions, expressing on the outside what the wearer is feeling on the inside. In this short film, four women communicate through dance and color. With a trained Thoroughbred who could replicate the dancers’ moves with very little digital enhancement, we were able to capture the unique, energetic and creative culture that epitomizes the OPI brand.”

Anyhow this advertisement gives a powerful meaning to a rather mundane world of marketing!

Credits: OPI Products

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