This Girl Was Abandoned By Her Family...But All Wasn't As It Seemed!

While children and dogs are not exactly the same, dog owners tend to feel that their dogs are also their children. That’s probably due to the relationship one develops when they bring a dog into their home. Dogs are a part of the family! When adopting a dog into the family, you have the same obligation to them as you would one of your children. It is a living, breathing being.

DeadLens Pictures asks us to take a heartbreaking, but necessary look at what happens when a person doesn’t follow through with those obligations. Take a look at their short film, Gift.

It was a very special day in this girl's life — she was going to meet her new family.

When she arrived to her new home, everyone was very happy and excited. The girls bonded instantly.

Suddenly, things weren't as great. Her parents thought she was causing too much trouble, so they decided to get rid of her.

Watch the video below to see her full story.
Attila Görögh the producer of the film said that the idea was born when he saw a lonely dog on the roadside. His immediate thought was that if a child was in the dog's place, everyone would be paying attention instead of casually passing him by.

Görögh says he chose such a drastic approach to the topic because that's what it takes to raise awareness and work to prevent further irresponsible animal adoption.

As estimated by the Humane Society of United States, six to eight million cats and dogs enter shelters each year in the country. Only half of them are adopted by new owners. Avoid adding to their number by thinking twice before buying or giving someone a pet. Because it's a gift for life.

Credits: DeadLens Pictures

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