This Invention Is Here To Save Your Precious Dinnertime!

In this day and age, it feels like an impossible task to bring your family together for a simple meal. It's tough to connect when your loved ones seem more interested in browsing Facebook than having a conversation.

Australian pasta sauce brand Dolmio thought it was time to reclaim family dinners, so it came up with the Dolmio Pepper Hacker.

Aside from seasoning your spaghetti, the Dolmio Pepper Hacker has another very unique secret feature. With one twist the seemingly normal pepper grinder will power down TVs, shut off Wi-Fi and mobile apps, taking away the dinner time distractions.

To demonstrate how families connect when they disconnect, Dolmio provided frustrated Aussie mums with a Pepper Hacker to help them reclaim dinner time and stop technology commandeering their family time. Dolmio secretly filmed the reactions of the technology obsessed families once their tech was switched off and dinner was served.

It takes just one twist to buy your household a little time away from the daily grind of updating Instagram and refreshing Twitter. Or so the Pepper Hacker's creator, Australian pasta sauce maker Dolmio, hopes.

Technology distractions span far beyond the traditional family setting too, ruining mealtimes for millions. Researches also highlight that one in three people have been involved in a technology tiff around phone usage during a meal with a partner. Furthermore, more than twice as many men admit they have been told to put down their phone during a meal by their partner compared to women (22 per cent versus 9 per cent).

Frustrated parents and neglected mates the world over are probably rejoicing at the recent release of the Dolmio Pepper Hacker, a gadget masquerading as an innocent pepper grinder that could make family dinner or date night way more intimate.

Perhaps when Dolmio realizes the major public interest in this product, they will decide to bring these prototypes to market. Until then...ask everybody to leave their electronic devices out of the kitchen or dining room! I think it works!

Credits: Dolmio Australia

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