This Special Man With Severe Disability Creates Masterpieces Using A Typewriter! Speechless!

And where you thought, you've seen it all ... It comes something new, that leaves you speechless. Talent? Creativity? Inspiration? words superfluous and look so "small" in front of this greatness.

The reason Paul Smith, who since the beginning of his life facing serious dysfunctionality problems. However, the situation did not hinder him to create great works of art using a typewriter ...!

Paul Smith was born with severe cerebral palsy and nevertheless has created hundreds of works of art using only a typewriter. Because of his disability, his movements are extremely limited, but his determination has no limits. When he was young he discovered that the key to express himself was the typewriter. Using only 10 of its buttons and one of his fingers, he learned how to paint! If you look at the paintings carefully you will notice how utilizing the symbols of the typewriter to create his paintings.

He spent 2 to 3 hours per day using his typewriter and listening to classical music. For every one of his paintings he needs approximately from 2 weeks until 3 months to complete it!

During the 70 years of his artistic activity he has created hundreds of beautiful pieces of art with his typewriter which most of them has offered to his friends and acquaintances!

Artist Paul Smith lived in the Rose Haven Nursing Home in Oregon since 1967 until his death seven years ago at 85 years old.

Although Paul Smith is no longer with us, his work continues to inspire and amaze those with disabilities that nothing is beyond limits.

Credits: John Stofflet

Share his strength and talent with others and spread the message never giving up!
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