This Tiny Dog Will Make Your Eyes Wet! Watch The Video And You'll See Why!

A female black Poodle named Nala has become the guardian angel to the elderly at Lyngblomsten care center in Minnesota.

The small cute dog gets itself the elevator and visits one by one every room of the nursing home to take care and spend quality time with their elderly friends, without having received any special training!

This all started when the adorable, black fluff ball came to work one day with her owner, Doug Dawson, and the residents absolutely fell in love with her. Now, Nala comes to work with Doug every day, and while her owner's job is to dispense medicine, Nala prescribes affection.

Scientists believe it's possible that the comfort of a therapy dog may actually help some patients to heal, and dogs have been known to support people struggling with illnesses from cancer to addiction. And it's not only dogs — all kinds of animals have been known to sense when their humans needed some support.

Nala's unconditional love to those people comforts their everyday life! Having lost the dearest elderly person in my life recently I must admit that giving them with every mean you can love and support you offer them a better quality of life even if they have to live the shortest period of the time here on Earth!

I really admire this tiny fluffy dog!

Sources: Viral Nova, USA TODAY

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