A Secretly Made Dating Video From A Son About His Mother!

Who would have thought that a son would create a matchmaking video for his single mother?

Alex Norgay is a proud son who cares deeply about his mother. Eva is the kind of mother who taught her son unconditional love and now is payback time! For over a year - as Alex witnessed his mother's unsuccessful attempts on dating the right person - he's been secretly filming her and made a touching footage introducing his mother and all the things she loves to do! He also recorded the time he showed her his work...A really priceless moment!

It begins with a general overview about her, that she was born in the Czech Republic in 1946 and now lives in Norway, and is a Cancer, which makes her around 68 years young. With this information in mind it then delves into what she likes. The list includes a variety of activities and interests including tennis, swimming, nature, skiing, cross country skiing, yoga, relaxing in the sun, art, beer, bike riding, traveling, fooling around, dancing, hanging out with her best friend Eva, and taking care of her sister, mother, family, and son. The clips of her doing all these activities is where the viewer really gets a sense of what Eva is all about. She seems very graceful, active, physically fit, and natural. Her personality shines through, especially when she is shown hula hooping, dancing, and laughing with her friends and family. Her sense of humor is also very apparent in the shot of her riding her bike. When she took a spill off it she jumped right back up on her feet and laughed it off.

She clearly loves life and doesn’t take anything too seriously.

He just lets the world see his mother the way he sees her fun, cool, amazing, beautiful and magnificent person who is full of love and kindness for her family and friends!

Eva has tried online dating before, and while she's been on a few dates, she's yet to find the man who possesses the key to her heart. Alex hopes that this video will spread like wildfire and he can find some amazing suitors for his mother, though the ultimate goal is to find her the love of her life.

This is undoubtedly the most touching and selfless act from a son to his mother who always stood by him! I really loved! Their amazing relationship touched me deeply!

Credits: alexnorgay

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