A Solidarity Lesson From A Homeless...Speechless!

Would you think of others first?

What would you do if someone gave you a 100 dollar bill and you were in need? This homeless man gives us all a great lesson of solidarity and compassion!

Another social experiment with shocking results...A young man named Josh Paler Lin approached a homeless man and offered him $100, and then he decided to follow him to find out how he would spend this amount of money.
Absolutely certain that the man would keep the money for himself and waste it on alcohol...he couldn't believe his eyes when Thomas (the homeless guy) did actually visit a convenience store, the type of mart that sells food and alcohol, and came out with a large bag filled with stuff... But not for himself!

He walked several blocks over to a park and started handing out food and provisions to other people in need. The man shocked and proved Josh wrong by spending the money to unselfishly help others who are in just as much need as himself.

After witnessing the touching sight Josh switched off the camera and approached the man again! He told him that he’d been recording and following him ever since he handed him the money to see what he’d do with it. He admitted he thought he’d spent it on booze and says he is so impressed that he wants to give him another $100. The man is so grateful and humble and tells his story about how he became homeless.

Thomas gave up his job to help his sick parents. When his parents died, Thomas could not cover the loan on the apartment in which he lived and found himself on the street.

His story moved Josh, who apart from another hundred dollars, bought him food and booked a hotel room for him.

Young youtuber didn't stop there; he has also created a website through which it collects money to help Thomas to rediscover a house. Until now the amount been collected is $ 37,000. WOW!

Everybody deserves a second chance! Thomas became the Good Samaritan for his homeless friends and Josh for him!

Credits: JoshPalerLin

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