Earth Was Created For ALL Species...Not JUST Humans!

The animals' revenge...however designed by people!

These sketches look like revenge. Some of the following pictures are horrific, inspired by various artists. Their topic...animals!

How would it feel if animals behave us, as we behave in them? At first thought may not seem so terrible, but once you see the photos below you will understand that they probably would not like you...

See some examples:

Just because animals do not communicate in the same way human beings do does not make them any less important – or essential – to the ecosystem and workings of the world.

It doesn't take any ethics, any courage, any intelligence, to kill animals today. There's nothing "sporting" at all in hunting, it's a coward's "sport".

A picture is indeed worth 1,000 words... and a clever cartoon is priceless! I hope that these ingenious sketches will make people think and mostly act differently! Some may argue that why focusing on animals while there are numerous people that are treated the same way...hopefully all the creature in need may benefit from the thought-provoking sketches!

Source: True Activist

Share this punch in the stomach sketches with other to spread the message that our "supremacy" doesn't make us owners of this planet!
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