I Knew About Palmistry...But This Is Scientific!

Can the length of your finger reveal your personality? Surely!

The art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm which is a practice found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. However with this short test will find out some information about your personality for free...It's not about a fortune teller...but for me was absolutely right!

Who would believe that we can draw conclusions about people's personality depending on the length of their fingers?

Yet, according to scientists who believe that everything is connected in this world, people are divided into three types (A, B, C) depending on the fingers of their hands.

First check the photo and your fingers. Then, find out which category you belong to and learn some things about your personality by reading below. Do you agree?

A. The Charming, Realistic Type

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger you are a charmer, and often seen as irresistible to others. You are excellent at talking your way out of trouble, and you are great at problem solving. You have aggressive tendencies, but you are full of compassion.

B. The Confident, Capable Type

If your ring finger is shorter than your index finger you are the confident type and know how to get stuff done. You prefer to work in isolation, as you don’t like to be distracted when trying to achieve your goals. Just because you prefer to work alone doesn’t mean you are an introvert. You are highly driven and appreciative what you have, but you tend to always want more.

C. The Peaceful, Easy To Love Type

If your ring and index finger are the same size your motto is “make love, not war.” You prefer to avoid conflict and make peace wherever you go, as you strive to get along with everyone. Overall, you are faithful and caring and make an excellent partner. Although, you do have a fiery side that may arise if someone gets on your bad side… so enemies beware!

For me it really worked! However I am convinced that our future and life in general is in our hands (long, short)...so even if scientists tell me that I am clever, or dreamer or whatever, I prefer to be the only responsible for my choices and fighting for the better! It is great to learn things, though!

Source: Earth Porm

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