Must Have Been A Professional Dancer At One Time And She Still Is!

Worth watching!

Street performer and beat-boxer Power Beat was doing his thing on the streets of Brussels, when an old woman and her dog happened to pass by.

When you're making music that has the power to stop an old lady on the street and inspire her to head-bang on all fours, you're likely on to something.

Some people say that we never get old; we simply forget how to have fun. This great video that is worth to share proves that it’s never too late to have fun and dance. The way the lady in the video bellow dances is a proof from the streets of Brussels… This is just amazing!

We’ve seen plenty of videos featuring groovy grandparents, but I think this one takes the cake. This senior launches into one of the most epic dance breaks I’ve ever seen, and throws all caution to the wind.

Her agility stuns the crowd, even getting down to her knees at the end of the video.

But the real shout out here goes to her dog, which waits patiently for her owner to finish dancing and continue on their way. I have a feeling he's seen this before.

In the end, the street audience cheers for the impromptu dancer, whom, we think, Power Beat should seriously consider collaborating with more often!

Credits: Power Beat

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