Only One Day Was Enough To Save Their Lives...A Fantastic Idea!

Who can tell the difference? This pet store in Brazil secretly replaced all the purebred animals with shelter animals...And the reactions of the customers are truly surprising when they get to know that these animals are for free!

In Brazil, as in many other countries, there is an over abundance of homeless animals. As a result, there are many thousands of animal shelters that grow more crowded by the day. However, people there prefer to buy purebred animals for exorbitant prices rather than adopt shelter pets for no cost at all. This practically means thousands of helpless animals are lost because the majority of Brazilian families would rather buy a pet than adopt one.

A local pet store in conjunction with an animal organization called Four Paws (Quatro Patinhas), ran an experiment to prove community members that shelter pets’ lives were worth saving. The experiment proved Brazilians would want to buy shelter animals if these were displayed in pet stores instead of keeping the animals in the shelters.

The reactions of customers upon being told that they could take the animal home without any charge were filmed on camera.


The customers quickly began to realize that there was no difference between the traditional pet store animals and the rescue animals. Many of the customers wanted to take home a new pet right away.

What really matters when adopting a pet is the love that the owners feel for it. It doesn't matter if the pet costs a great amount of money or nothing. The love that blossoms out of the relationship is priceless. What an amazing message to share with the residents of Brazil and the whole world!

Every life please adopt and don't shop!

Credits: Associação Quatro Patinhas

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