Surprise Your Mother With An Angelic Song...Just For Her!

Mother, mommy, mama these are not just matter how you call her, she means the world to you! She is unique and despite the differences you always end up in her hug which is always there for you!

How many songs are dedicated to mothers!

This holy person that is so crucial in shaping the personality and individuality of each person...

Mothers' love and devotion inspired the music so much...

So this is a typical example...The beautiful song that you are about to hear will touch your heart and will definitely make you want to dedicate it to your mother!

It is about a conversation between God and an unborn child performed incredibly by the a cappella group "Home Free"!

Relax and listen!

This men's choir hailing from Mankato, Minnesota, began singing in 2000 as a hobby. As they gained popularity and the group membership evolved, their singing became a professional pursuit by 2007.
wo of the founding members, brothers Chris and Adam Rupp are still with the group. They won “The Sing-Off” on NBC in 2013 earning them a recording contract with Sony.

The harmonies are beautiful and the lyrics had me sobbing. God truly blesses so many of us with amazing moms!

Credits: Home Free

Share this heavenly melody with others and don't forget to dedicate it to your mother!
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