They Say Diamonds Are A Woman's Best Friend, But This Gifted Dog Would Beg To Differ.

A super dog…he can do almost everything!

It is known that dogs are the best company for many people!

It is also known that dogs can help people in need! This adorable golden retriever is proving to the world how life-changing service dogs really can be.

Clare, 26 from Northolt, north-west London, suffers from the degenerative bone condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which can mean the slightest movement, causes her joints to dislocate and there it comes her guardian angel, her life companion who has changed her life and her whole philosophy about life from the moment they met!

She met Griffin through the charity Canine Partners, who match assistance dogs with disabled owners to make their lives easier. They’ve been inseparable for nearly two years now.

In the video, Syversten and her dog are seen going through a typical day. You can't even imagine what this dog is capable of and how this amazing duo communicates!

Opening up about her super dog, Syversten gushes about the positive impact the dog has had on her life.

Watch the emotional and heartwarming video below.
Clare says one of the main differences now is her own self-confidence and that having Griffin has made her feel more assured about leaving the house. He's literally changed her life, and she couldn't be more thankful for their special bond.

What a remarkable dog...thank God these two met and made this amazing bond!

Credits: Caters TV

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