This Incredible Brother and Sister Duo Put Roller Skating To The Next Level!

A mix of surprise, enthusiasm and fear is about to hit you!

Meet Billy and Emily brother and sister from Birmingham, England who love roller skating almost their whole life and prove it on the stage of Britain's Got Talent! Out of ordinary and far from what I've ever seen in roller skating they are something else! Ever since they were eight and five years old, they embarked on an exciting journey of roller skating. This would make them the very best of friends, and catapult their trust levels in each other to the greatest of heights. Their lives were in each other’s hands, literally.

The Judges can’t believe what they are seeing as Billy and Emily put a “fresh spin on roller-skating”.

Judges and audience are stunned with the death defying roller skating performance of the siblings on the stage!

Be prepared for something different, in the video below!
Well...that is something unique and absolutely stunning! I was holding my breath when they did that act with the rope...OMG! I was sure that Emily was going to hit the ground! Kinda dangerous don't you think? However practicing for 20 years now, makes them at least experts!

They are an amazing example of what children should be doing instead of watching TV and playing computer games. By spurring our children to sports we make them healthy and give them the opportunity of a better future!

Credits: Britain's Got Talent

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