Watch Their Amazing Performance...Which Gave Them The Gold Metal!

They are standing in perfect formation...their next move, mind blowing!

If you are not a fan of synchronized skating after this fantastic video you will definitely change your mind!

Figure skating is one of the most artistic sports have ever existed. It is certainly very impressive to see the athletes-dancers (men and women or in pairs) dancing harmoniously on ice according to the music.

It is one of the oldest Olympic winter sports, which was introduced in early 1900's. If you think that figure skating is a unique and impressive sport then synchronized skating sport goes even further.

Synchronized skating is a group of athletes who must be perfectly synchronized with each other to achieve the ultimate in rhythmic harmony on ice. This group from Russia that you are about to see, is really stunning and certainly impractical. Watch their incredible technical dance in harmony and with absolute discipline.

The song you'll hear in the video is the well-known hit "I Will Always Love You" of Whitney Houston.

Aren't they amazing? I am really stunned! There are some countries which have an excellent history in skating (every kind)...Russia is one of them! These girls must have literally lived their whole life in the ice skating arena! Congratulations!

Credits: 0316seisato

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