Watching These In The Sky...I Couldn't Possibly Imagine That They Were Humans Flying!

The next superhero indeed!

This breathtaking video reaches perfection of the next generation! Making your dreams come true may sound impossible but if you are Yves Rossy even impossible doesn't stop him! Jet packs are not just a cool sci-fi premise; they are a reality thanks to Yves Rossy.

He is a fearless professional pilot from Switzerland and a leading innovator in the field of propelled human flight, having created his own custom jetpack after years of experimentation and customization.

The "Jetman" and his protege Vince Reffet took to the skies over Dubai and created a spectacular video of the city's amazing architecture and landscape.

Hold your breath and enjoy!

The 12-minute jetpack video, titled Young Feathers, serves as a breathtaking introduction to Rossy’s new partnership with 31-year-old skydiving champion Vince Reffet. The two plan to perform more tandem aerial flights in the future to show off the amazing capabilities of Rossy’s invention.

This amazing duo pushed the boundaries of human flight in the skies above Dubai! Daredevil and definitely dreamers made the impossible reality!

They are real and mortal...I am afraid that Superman will lose some funs after this!

Credits: XDubai

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