We All Have Noticed Them But Many Of Us Didn't Know What Are There For! Brilliant!

Did You Know This?

We all have seen those two extra lacing holes on the top of athletic shoes.

Be honest: You wonder about it every single time you shop for athletic shoes but feel a tad embarrassed about asking such a simple question.

You're not sure whether those extra lacing holes at the top serve an actual purpose. You never see anyone use them, and you've started to wonder if they're just a useless part of shoe design. Well, wonder no more - those extra string holes actually serve a purpose.

According to the video below these extra holes serve an important purpose.

Most running shoes come with two laces holes at the top. One is positioned where you would normally expect it to be, at the apex of the upper.

The second hole is positioned just past the apex on the ankle side.

The extra holes can be used to prevent blisters on your heels and stop your feet from cramming forward into the front of the shoe.

Find out how:

Begin by inserting the lace in backwards through the top hole so that you create a small loop on each side of the shoe. Cross your laces and insert them each into the loop on the opposite side then cinch them down. Be sure to go down and not up because cinching upwards will leave the loop hanging out and that is not good. By pulling down towards the shoe you end up creating a nice tight lock that will keep your shoe in place and snug. Finish by tying your shoe as you normally would and you’re good to go!

The top shoelace hole allows you to customize the fit of your shoes. Use the top shoelace hole if you prefer a tighter fit over the top of your foot. This serves to make and keep the heel/ankle area tight and snug in place without having to re-tighten your whole shoe. Even if you do not have the extra shoelace hole you can still use the method on the top hole instead.

No more excuses...with summer just around the corner...it is the perfect time to be fit again! Start walking or running with a safer and more relaxed way!

Credits: Illumiseen

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