What He's Done...Simple But Mind Blowing Too!

People say that one person can't save the world however one person can make the difference!

Tired of witnessing copious amounts of trash strewn across the banks of River Schie in Rotterdam, Dutch artist Tommy Kleyn decided to step up and do something about it.

Every morning, Tommy on his bike to work would pass a section of the Rotterdam river way where trash had collected at the banks. He decided to spend a half hour every day filling one garbage bag full of trash.
Klein photographed his progress, mapped it on a Facebook Page. He was able to clear a short stretch of the river bank by himself in six days and, soon, people on the nearby bike path were joining him and his friends to collect a total of 22 bags of litter.

Kleyn revealed that his unborn child was the inspiration behind his project. His wife is currently pregnant, and he wondered what he would tell his kid someday if the little one asked him about all the trash. “I might say it’s because people haven’t thrown away their trash,” Kleyn told the media. “But my answer would be that it’s because his dad has not cleaned up.”

Bravo to Tommy Kleyn! May his action create a ripple effect!

Cleaning, like littering, is apparently contagious!

It's well known that when a street or other public place is full of litter and trash, that encourages others to throw their trash on the ground also.

Good to see it works the other way too.

It may also encourage civic-mindedness, which is vitally important to reverse the "everyone for themselves" attitude!

Sources: Project Schone Schie, True Activist

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