When all Hope Was Lost This Dog Made A Miracle For A Seriously Injured Child!

Could a dog change a life so much?

It really breaks your heart seeing children suffering...But it gives you a great hope seeing them fighting and being winners of life!
This heartbreaking story will definitely bring tears to your eyes, both tears of sadness and joy!

You know how people say thing can change in a heartbeat? For Caleb Howard, this could not be more true; things changed instantly for him twice.

The first time, when Caleb was only 6-years-old, He had been in a major car accident, leaving him with broken bones and a traumatic brain injury.

Nobody was sure if he’d be able to recover or make it in general.

But as people also say hope never dies...For this child who suffered a lot, hope came from a dog!

His parents were desperate for a solution; they were willing to try anything. One day, a therapy dog named Colonel was asked to step in.

Immediately, Caleb's awareness boosted. Finally, his parents began to have some hope.

The video below follows Caleb and Colonel’s journey together.

Caleb learned to gain control over his hands again by playing fetch with and petting Kernel. He gained mobility by taking the dog for short walks and being more active than he had been in a very long time.

Colonel helped Caleb find excitement and joy in life when everything was taken from him. Before the parents and doctors knew it, Caleb made huge strides in his recovery, thus proving the power of therapy animals.

We can never underestimate influence animals have on our health and well-being!

Credits: ita4me

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