A Brilliant App So Kids Can't Dodge Your Calls Ever Again!

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Technology now enables parents to be in touch with their children more than ever before and that's kinda necessary to my opinion as it's pretty scary out there! However when kids are having fun with their friends, may not answer their parent's calls...So, Sharon Standifird, a tough mom from Houston that has served in the Gulf War and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, recently, took on a new challenge: getting her kids to return her missed calls!

Standifird knew that this issue can be frustrating for every concerned parent so she started to brainstorm. Standifird’s solution was a mobile app called Ignore No More, which forces kids to call their parents back.

To use the app, parents open it up and click their child’s name. They enter an unlock code twice and then click to lock the phone.

The child’s screen then goes blank. With one tap, they get a list of pre-approved contacts, and they must call one in order to receive the password to unlock their phone.

Ignore No More costs $1.99 and is currently only available for Androids on Google Play, but Standifird says they are readying a version for the iPhone.

The app has been getting mixed reviews. Some parents think that the idea is genius, but many people believe that it is too controlling.

I believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle. If your child is ignoring your calls, you’re probably phoning too often, and if you’re phoning too often, it’s probably because you’re worried. But you needn’t be worried if you’ve set ground rules, and one of those rules is that making your parents so anxious that they fear for your life is not a nice feeling. Another is that sometimes, your children aren’t going to want to hear from you. So, before using any app, I think a good discussion would be appreciated from both sides!

Credits: CBS New York

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