A Teen Is About To Follow An Older Man...Will The Bystanders Save Her?

Watch this thought provoking video and save teens!

Technology may offer amazing potentials but on the other hand may hiding some pretty creepy and dangerous situations...

Online dating can be tricky; it's a scary thought knowing that the person you've been sharing intimate details with for the past few weeks might not be the person you think they are.

“What Would You Do” is an American, hidden-camera TV show that debuted in 2008 on ABC.

The show, hosted by John Quinones, hires performers for various staged scenes in public places. They hide a camera in the area and watch the responses and reactions of the bystanders. In this episode we are about to witness a young girl on her first date with a "boy" who has met online...the reactions of the other customers will shock you...pleasantly!

It shows that humanity will continue to do the right thing even with the entire negative we’ve seen lately...

You may feel safe surfing and talking on line when you are at home...but when you decide to take the next step make sure someone you trust knows it and always be on alert!

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one in seven children is solicited online. Over half (56 percent) of those solicited were asked to give personal information. It goes to show that the community must work together to keep children safe.

Credits: ABC News

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